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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cliffs of Dover rumour roundup

Another month, another bunch of Cliffs of Dover rumour mongering.

The latest, sparked by Foobar at who implied that 1C Maddox had merged with and 'assumed' 777 studios (the makers of Rise of Flight). The 1C team had been let go and the CoD code and rights sold. Jason from 777 jumped on that to deny any such 'merger'.

"1C did not "assume us" and ROF is completely owned and operated by 777 Studios and development plans remain the same for ROF." - Jason

Threads about it were deleted from the 1C official forums and Foobar removed his post.

No official news from 1C has been forthcoming since, so here is the current list of known knowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns, for your collection:

- Development of the IL2 Sturmovik CoD code platform will continue, with some sort of sequel of unknown nature, which is due to enter alpha stage in 2013 (source: former 1C official spokesperson Blacksix.)
- 1C Maddox is working on an MMO (I have seen nothing to contradict this yet, see my earlier post)
- The sequel will be 'Battle of Moscow', will be set on the Eastern front, use the same format and engine as CoD and will include a Stalingrad map/scenario (rumour based on screenshots released by 1C).
- Cliffs of Dover bugs and issues will be 'fixed' if/when it is merged with the sequel (this is more a hope, than a rumour).
- 1C has relieved team member Blacksix from his role as spokesperson ("My work in this section is also finished ...I will answer the questions, but in general, that's all. As you well know, I can not tell you now about the future of the series and you have to wait for the official announcement from 1C "), and no one else from Maddox games has posted anything on the 1C forums or for several weeks. Lead developer Ilya Shevchenko has not posted on since 18 October 2012, so this must mean...(dot dot dot...add your own ending here.)

Seriously folks, nothing to see here - move along.

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