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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Battle of Stalingrad developers ask fans to manipulate Metacritic

In one of the dummest moves ever seen in gaming, the makers of Battle Stalingrad asked their fans to go to Metacritic and write positive reviews to lift the score for their sim. They threatened that if this did not happen, the game would close by Christmas!

The post was deleted almost immediately, but not before it caused a furore.

You can see it here:

There can be no doubt that plenty of media companies wish they could manipulate Metacritic, and that some even try. But very few actually post about it on a public forum! What are they putting in the vodka in Russia? The should try drinking single malt instead.


  1. This company is Russian. Russia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world

    So why are you surprised?

  2. These devs are both disengenous and stupid. Disengenuous because they say 'we always told you the single player game would have XP points and unlocks' but they think we don't realise they NEVER said they would make multiplayer dependent on players playing the SP XP unlock game.

    And they are stupid, because they treat their loyal customers like idiots, abuse them on their own forums, create a false climate of fanboi vs hater, and ignore the legitimate concerns of people they don't agree with. I agree with the post above, this is a typical Russian way of doing business. They are ignorant bullies who think they can just BS their way through this and it won't matter. Well, it will.

    I can't wait until Metacritic opens its doors to reviews of this product again.

  3. The just dont like fact that someone is quick enough to take screenshot of their stupid and post it online for the world to see, even after they deleted it. I love internet! Idiots can not hide their idiotness.

    PS if this image ever goes down, I have also take a copy and will post.

  4. If one reads the original Russian version can one see that he is asking fans to make positive reviews to balance the negative reviews, not to make false positive reviews. There is a difference. It would not matter anyway once there are thousands of reviews on the website. And in any situation, metacritic has now blocked the game from reviews until it is official released.