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Sunday, September 1, 2013

And more detail leaks on DCS WWII

From ED forums: posts by Luthier, the project lead

- P51 and FW190 will be available in the game from launch
- The basic map will be Normandy, other maps will depend on success of crowd funding initiative
- The game will be stand alone, ie not part of DCS World, though it is based on that platform and aircraft bought in one sim can be flown in the other
- 'We are still undecided' about including WWII vehicles and other objects in the sim
- Aim is to simulate all aircraft with the same fidelity as eg DCS P51
- Will use the same mission editor as DCS World
- People who contribute to the crowd funding will get access to premium content, and if you contribute high enough, even the right to have your face on a pilot and your skin in game
- High focus on single player content, separate campaign for each flyable
- RELEASE DATE 'About a year' depending on the success of the crowd funding

BUT, and this is my observation, Luthier said the main reason he is going the crowd funding route is to avoid the tyranny of publisher deadlines. So I would counsel extreme patience with this project...

It will be very interesting to see if all those who feel they got 'burned' by Cliffs of Dover (the initial release was a buggy mess) hit the forums and start flaming this initiative.

Cliffs of Dover turned out to be a good sim, so it would be a shame if that happens. 

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