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Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Team Fusion': a new Cliffs of Dover mod team

A group of collaborators formed through the ATAG online community has been pulled together to work on updating the abandoned Cliffs of Dover game.

The group comprises "many people from different groups, squads, and individual talents to make up a community of modders. A very small percentage of the team is from the ATAG squad."

They are modding the game without access to the source code, and with no help from 1C, but seem to be making significant progress, with a focus on flight modelling and some smaller graphical tweaks:

- high altitude flight, enabling historically accurate max altitudes and performance for key aircraft.

Britain from +20,000 feet! Something you can't do in the current Cliffs of Dover.

- new aircraft variants, such as the Bf109E4n

- enhanced graphical effects,  such as contrails, autumn landscape textures and improved framerates for special effects such as clouds and smoke

Examples of contrails in the mod. Personally I think they are totally overdone at the moment, but better than nothing... see more on Vimeo here: 

Autumn and winter landscape tiles.

The team's ability to mod the landscape opens the game up for mission builders to build new battlefronts using the same planesets, such as the push into Europe by the RAF in 1941, Operation Barbarossa 1941, and even the Afrika front.


Currently release is scheduled for late Feb, early March.

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