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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mission #7 - Arty Holmes - Ramming Speed!

So, you think you're hard?

Hard enough to bring down a German bomber with jammed guns? This mission lets you find out!

On September 15, 1940, Sergeant Ray 'Arty' Holmes was flying a Hawker Hurricane fighter when he spotted a damaged Dornier Do17 bomber of KG 76 apparently making an bombing attempt on central London. 

Avoiding the bomber's return fire, Holmes made a head-on attack on the Dornier, however upon firing discovered his machine guns failed. Holmes decided to ram the bomber hoping his plane could withstand the impact and cut through it. He cut the tail off the bomber with his wing, causing the bomber to crash near Victoria tube station. His Hurricane was badly damaged, crashing near the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Holmes bailed out injured.

See a video of the mission here:

Can you replicate his feat, and live to tell the tale?

Download here:

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