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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Honour Tournament for CoD

Who is the Cliffs of Dover Ace of Aces? Lets find out!

Next weekend I will be uploading ten specially designed offline missions which together form a tournament that you can fly at your own pace and in your own time.

The challenge is two-fold:

- Fly each mission in the tournament at your usual realism settings
- Score as many victories as you can with your pilot

The winner is the pilot who completes the ten missions with the greatest number of victories!

Some missions will include bonus challenges, such as bringing down enemy bombers (scores as 2 victories) or protecting your own bombers (scores as one victory for each bomber that survives).

You will be flying the RAFs finest fighter, a Spitfire IIa, as part of the famous 54 Squadron.


Missions and enemies increase in difficulty as you progress. You start against fewer, slower, weaker opponents. You finish in all out melees against the Luftwaffe's finest.

You are not flying alone - your wingman 'Fatty' is at your side. Try not to lose him. Losing your wingman is bad karma. He is a tough nut, and if he is shot down he will walk, swim or limp back so that he is with you again for your next mission, but you will lose 1 victory each time he is shot down.

'Fatty', before his first solo flight, last week. Note the flight manual for his Hurricane in his hand...

Your wingman's skill and aggression will increase as you progress. Fatty starts mission 1 as a timid undisciplined Rookie, and ends as an aggressive and disciplined Veteran.


You can fly each mission only twice: once for practice, and once for real. The best of your two missions can be submitted. If you are shot down in the mission, no victories count. You must move on to the next mission.

You must submit a screenshot of your summary screen to qualify. Remember, sometimes just surviving is a good result, so submit your results as a screenshot and include a short combat report, even if you don't score a victory!


Where does the HONOUR come in? It is an offline tournament, so you are the only one who knows if you followed the rules, and we trust that you will. Only two tries per mission. Fly at your usual realism settings. Fess up when you are shot down! Doubt that this concept works? Then it is not for you! I have run several Honour Tournaments for EAW, and BOBII and they have been a great success.


When you report your combat for each mission here on SimHQ CoD forum, your tally on the CoD Honour Roll will be updated over at BoB Game Hub. Feel free to drop in there any time and see who is the CoD Ace of Aces!


- Get some stick time in a Spit IIa
- Learn how to add 'kill marks' to your skin...previous tournament participants have had fun doing this
- If you don't already know, learn how to take a screen dump of the Single Mission Summary Screen. The easiest way, without installing any new software, is to press 'Prnt Screen', go to Windows Accessories, open Windows Paint, paste and save.
- You can upload the file to any photo sharing site. If you don't already use one, I recommend
- If you can't work out how to upload a photo, you can PM me and I will send you an email address you can email your screen dump to.

Of course if you just want to play the missions and post your end result, feel free...


The tournament download will include a self-installer. Just point it at the CoD Folder on your hard drive and it will do the rest for you. The missions will appear in your Single Missions menu. If you get stuck, someone here will talk you through it.


Just indicate your interest below...ask any questions, start psyching out your opposition with tales of your aerial derring-do or plain old fashioned trash-talk. I hereby declare the tournament...OPEN

Go to SimHQ to register 

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