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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 5 simple reasons you shouldn't change to Win8

I just bought a brand spanking new ASUS G75VW loaded with kit. New games should absolutely kick butt on this rig. Except for one thing. It comes preloaded with Windows8 OEM.

You will get a million hits on Google if you type this phrase 'Windows 8 sucks'. But I am going to repeat it here unless there is any doubt, WINDOWS 8 SUCKS.

And here is why.

1. Unless you have a touch screen, there is no  advantage (ZERO, NADA, ZIP) over Win7 whatsoever. No great new feature, no speed advantage, smart new way of working, nothing whatsoever.

2. You have to learn a new user interface which is just annoying because there is no incentive to learn it (refer to point 1.)

3. Many of your games will NOT be compatible with Win8. Even in Emulation Mode (and BTW there is no Win7 Emulation mode that seems to work). My two favourite sims BOBII and Cliffs of Dover, did not work with Win8. A user created a workaround for Cliffs of Dover, but BOBII still will not work.

4. You cannot create a separate partition on your PC for Win 7 and run your games there because they use different HD formatting. Win8 Pro will let you 'downgrade' (I'd call it an upgrade) your install to Win7 if you have a Win7 key, but only if you have the Pro version.

5. Once you realise how useless the new interface is, getting back to a Win7 look and feel is not easy. There are freeware progs to help you boot straight to the desktop, and avoid the stupid Win8 START screen (created for Touch screens, not mouse users) that has replaced it. But if you want your old Win7 START button and interface back in all its simplicity, the most popular freeware program for doing this is now a 20USD payware program, so great has the demand been.

Here is what to do if your new PC comes with Win 8 preinstalled:

1. Take your lovely new PC out of the box and plug it in
2. Do not install any new programs
3. Reformat the hard drive
4. Install Win7, and update to latest Win7 Service Pack and drivers
5. Now install your favourite games and periphals

Win8 is the new Windows ME (remember that dog?) of Windows updates. Unless you absolutely must have a touchscreen for your PC, stay on Win7 and skip right on past it.

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