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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updated review of Cliffs of Dover: the final patch

The final patch (v 1.11.20) for Cliffs of Dover was released by 1C, and enough time has passed for the dust to have settled.

On the plus side, players are reporting much smoother online play, with higher number of players (70-100) playable on popular servers such as ATAG and REPKA. On the downside, some players, mostly players still using Windows XP, have reported difficulty even updating to the new patch.

(If you are one of these, and your update doesn't work, try the recent 1.08 patch version, which was not perfect, but better than anything previous.)

A poll on the 1C homepage indicates that the patch has lifted the average player satisfaction from 5.5 after launch, to 6.5 today. Still far from enthusiastic ratings, but an indication that the final patch has made the game playable, and enjoyable, for most.

See the updated full review HERE.

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