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Friday, June 22, 2012

Alt History: Operation Sealion hyperlinked PDF

Now avail for Download as illustrated, hyperlinked PDF!

DOWNLOAD HERE (45MB, 268 pp):
or from (Just search for 'Sealion' to find missions and files).


Background information on Sealion operational developments at the start of every chapter...

Lavishly illustrated

Tactical maps showing front lines and unit positions throughout the campaign, and links to Google map views of the battlefield area

Extensively hyperlinked, to hundreds of sources of information on actual units, weapons, historical figures and events referred to in the storyline.

Supplementary chapters on important historical events of the time

Background material detailing political and social developments accompanying the invasion

Speeches and dialogue based on real speeches given by historical figures and adapted to the Sealion storyline - example, Edward VIII's abdication speech, 'repurposed'.

Links to Youtube video AAR content supplementing the text




  1. Love your blog and your enthusiasm for CloD.

    I would love to download your files, but is says you reached your maximum bandwidth for all downloads. Any chance you could upload them to They are a great site for accessing CloD files.(It is the sister site to which is a great IL-2:1946 resource center.)

  2. Awesome piece of work M8