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Sunday, December 4, 2011

BoB Game Hub Mission Packs

Now you can get the first 2 months worth of 'Mission of the Week' Cliffs of Dover missions as one download at 

This is a set of 8 Single Missions with an emphasis on recreating in exacting detail historical events from the Battle of Britain. From the exact units which were involved in the mission, to the location, weather, time of day and altitude, as much as possible the missions have been recreated from actual combat reports and published sources. Each mission features an automatic installer and uninstaller which places the needed files and skins in your CoD folder for you, ready to fly.

The 8 missions in this first set are:

- Day of the Condor: RAF interception of mine laying FW200 Condors
- Deere over Dunkirk: The first ever victory by a Spitfire over a Bf109
- Galland vs Allen: LW Ace Adolph Galland’s battle to the death against RAF ace Johnny Allen
- McNab’s darkest day: 1C Canadian squadron’s famous first ever mission
- Corpo Aero: the Italian air force’s most successful raid during the Battle
- Bader’s Big Wing: a mission in which ace Douglas Bader claimed 20 kills for his ‘Big Wing’
- Arty Holmes ‘Ramming Speed’: Pilot RT Holmes brings down a Do17, without his guns
- Wicks Big Day out: Helmut Wick claimed 5 kills in one day, with three in this mission

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